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Abount B2b6

B2b6, as its name suggests, business directory. B2b e-commerce era is the early stage of development, the first domestic use of Web2.0 technologies structures of large enterprises online directory.

You can visit b2b6.com in mobile too.


What We can see ?

? Search-ranking reference, are not included in the business will be able to have been ranked first, the time factor is also ranked one of the reference.

But this is not the issue we are most concerned about, I think is really effective assistance to enterprises is of concern to many friends.

In addition to record companies, commercial-business Web site also provides analysis of features, this function is to address the particular user, I believe is to help enterprises to promote an effective means of, I believe the future more businesses will benefit from this function.

Is a registered to open business yellow pages. Currently, it has formed a certain amount of free editorial team. Editor to Renlaorenyuan, we have made great contributions in this extend to them the highest respect!

In addition, it seems to occupy a lot of China's first, but first and true calling is not the same as the first, a good concept can translate into actual production capacity is to be the test of time, it is very difficult to change technology market, However, the limit is to subvert the technology market.

About History Of Yellow Pages

Yellow pages refers to a telephone directory of businesses, organized by category, rather than alphabetically by business name and in which advertising is sold. The directories were originally printed on yellow paper, as opposed to white pages for non-commercial listings. The traditional term yellow pages is now also applied to online directories of businesses.

In many countries, including Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and elsewhere, "Yellow Pages" (and/or any applicable local translations), as well as the "Walking Fingers" logo first introduced in the 1970s by the Bell System-era AT&T, are registered trademarks, though the owner varies from country to country, usually being held by the main national telephone company (or a subsidiary or spinoff thereof). However, in the United States, neither the name nor the logo were registered as trademarks by AT&T, and are freely used by several publishers.

The name and concept of "yellow pages" came about in 1883, when a printer in Cheyenne, Wyoming, working on a regular telephone directory ran out of white paper and used yellow paper instead. In 1886, Reuben H. Donnelley created the first official Yellow Pages directory.

Today, the expression yellow pages is used globally, in both English-speaking and non-English speaking countries. In the United States, it refers to the category, while in some other countries it is a registered name and therefore a proper noun. The term Yellow Pages is not a registered name within the United States and is freely used by many companies. Telephone directories using the official internet address "yellowpages.xx" exist in 75 different countries. They are edited by many different phone companies and directory publishers, mostly independent from each other.

In Belgium, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, the Republic of Ireland, Israel, the Netherlands, and Romania, the yellow pages are known as the Golden Pages. In Austria and Germany, the yellow pages are known as Gelbe Seiten, and in Sweden as Gula Sidorna, which in both cases means the yellow pages. In Portugal and Brazil, the yellow pages are known as Páginas Amarelas. In Spain, Chile, Peru, Argentina and other countries in Latin America, the yellow pages are known as páginas amarillas. In France, they're known as Pages jaunes. In Japan, the yellow pages are known as Town Page. In Sri Lanka, the yellow pages are known as the Rainbow Pages, or the silver page.

A particular yellow pages is a print directory which provides an alphabetical listing of businesses within a specific geographical area (e.g., greater Chicago), which are segregated under headings for similar types of businesses (e.g., plumbers). Traditionally these directories have been published by the local phone company, but there are numerous independent directory publishers. Some yellow pages publishers focus on a particular demographic (e.g., Christian yellow pages or business pages).

Yellow pages directories are usually published annually, and distributed for free to all residences and businesses within a given coverage area. The majority of listings are plain and in small black text. The yellow pages publishers generate profit by selling advertising space or listings under each heading. Advertising may be sold by a direct sales force or by approved agencies (CMR's). Available advertising space varies among publishers and ranges from bold names up to four color twin page ads ("double trucks").

In the United States, the predominant yellow pages are DEX One's DEX, the AT&T Real Yellow Pages, Yellowbook, and the Verizon Superpages.

Business listings used for publication are obtained by several methods. Local phone companies that publish yellow pages directories rely on their own customer lists and include business listings that are provided by phone service providers (ILEC's). Business owners that utilize phone services other than the local phone company (typically a Bell Company) should make certain that their information has been sent to the publisher for printing in upcoming directories.

Advertising in yellow pages directories requires payment in full prior to printing or may be billed monthly over the life of the contract, which is usually 12 months. Typically, a sales representative will assist the customer in creating their ad design and provides a Proof Copy for review and approval. Advertisers should be aware that many contracts have automatic renewal clauses and require action on the part of the advertiser to end future billing.

Yellow pages print usage is reported to be declining with both advertisers and shoppers increasingly turning to Internet search engines and online directories. According to a study by Knowledge Networks/SRI, in 2007, print yellow pages were referenced 13.4 billion times, while Internet yellow pages references increased to 3.8 billion, up from 2006’s 3.3 billion online searches. As a result most yellow pages publishers have attempted to create online versions of their print directories. These online versions are referred to as IYP or Internet yellow pages. Independent ad agencies or Internet marketing consultants can assist business owners in determining sound opportunities for yellow pages advertising and provide objective information on usage, possession and preferences.

Archived yellow pages and telephone directories are important tools in local historical research, trademark litigation, and genealogy.

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